Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lotus in Motion Opens with garden party

Chest high in waders, the artist paused for an interview with Global-TV's Sharron Bates. Eliya Waxman assisted with the install.

After two days of installing paintings, Halloran relaxed in the evening calm at VanDusen Botanical Garden for the opening party. The light of the setting sun layered the paintings with brilliant colour, as guests meandered the large gardens. Above photograph was taken by Susan Kvarnstrom on her iphone - it's one view from Livingston Lake.

Above, Sally Simpson, Sue Walden, Vince, Joanne Bennison. On the right below, our wine serving crew: Carter Ethan Rankin, Ryan Kerr and Sandra Harcourt. The evening was perfect: mellow, a meditative stroll through the garden, excellent foods served by volunteers Lis Dixon, Donna Halloran and Donna Schmirler. Harry Jongerden and his beautiful wife, as well as Tracee Jung attended, representing the garden. About 60 people celebrated with us.

 Below: public enjoys LOTUS at Bentall Pond.

Photo credits: Caitlin Hicks, Michael Halloran. More tomorrow. Erik Olson, Sally Simpson - please send those photos along! I'll post here!

SPECIAL THANK YOU to: VanDusen Botanical Garden, staff & volunteers. Harry Jongerden for saying "Yes". Jill Weaving and Vancouver Parks Board. East Van Graphics. Volunteers: Donna Halloran, Donna Schmirler, Lis Dixon, Tracy, Jaz Halloran, Erik Olson, Carter Ethan Rankin, Ryan Kerr, Sandra Harcourt. Judith Reeve, Landscape Architect, Odessa Bromley, Sunshine Coast Retreat House - and everyone who has supported this installation through the purchase of artwork and/or the sponsorship of floating paintings.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lotus in Motion VIP Opening

Where: The Livingston Lake at VanDusen Botanical Garden

When: July 28th Thursday 2011

Time: 5:30 - 8 PM

Installation opens to the public on Friday, July 29th 2011. RSVP to reserve your ticket: caitlinhicks at dccnet dot com

Photo credit: Katherine Kortikow.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Open House

On Sunday, the first day to really feel like summer, we had another Open House, the third since the fundraiser. Laurie Reid, Dave Hallstead, Val Rutter, Richard Austin, Odessa Bromley, Amerval DuPlanty, and others came to share the garden and artwork. Here's Marcel, my favourite visitor.

Jan Jensen sponsored 2 paintings in the garden for August 19th - her nephew's wedding. She's going to pay it forward by inviting her sister to sponsor a family of paintings on the special day. Here's Pat and Bill Forst. They're sponsoring 2 floating paintings on Aug 2nd.

Dana Caple Smith, a long time supporter (http://www.Flycoastal.ca) chose a couple of art cards to support the installation. Her sponsorship will appear on the blog August 4, 5 and 6. Bonni Ross and her husband, Matthew discussed the LOTUS artwork and how it's connected to meditation.

Here's Jackie Allen Gye, with one of her choices of art cards. She was impressed that they're printed on archival paper with archival inks. She's sponsoring the opening, along with Beth & Robert Studer.

See below for info on how you can support this public art exhibit.