Sponsor a floating painting, get your LOTUS art cards here

On July 29th, brilliantly coloured floating paintings by artist Gordon Halloran, will fill the lakes & ponds of VanDusen Botanical Garden through September 30th in an exhibit called LOTUS IN MOTION.

The registered, non-profit group, Third Coast International Public Art Society is sponsoring this effort to raise needed funds to defray production costs of LOTUS IN MOTION at VanDusen Botanical Garden.

Support this public art by buying LOTUS art cards here. Use PAYPAL below to buy your artwork.

Here are the four cards to choose from:

#1. Lotus cornuopsis pretensis

#2. Erythros folios

#3. Elegantis hortensis

#4. Gentania verna

To order the old fashioned way:
Select an image you would like to purchase. (#1, #2, #3 and/or #4.
Each one costs $15. Add 12% HST for each card you would like or $1.80 (each)
Add $2 postage/handling for one - 4 cards
Add $4 postage for 5- 10 cards
TOTAL your purchase.

EXAMPLE 3 cards (#2, #3 & #4) @ $15 = $45 plus $5.40 HST plus $2 postage = $52.40

Send a check, with your Name and full address to:

Gord Halloran, LOTUS IN MOTION
General Delivery, Roberts Creek, B.C. V0N 2W0

Photo credit: Gord Halloran